Mainstay Manta

Mainstay Manta

Mainstay Manta is our newest arrival. This is a hyper modern net cleaner driven with electrical thrusters.

The Manta is designed to work with the forces of nature, not against them. It is developed in cooperation with people who have many years of practical experience with cleaning the nets in fish farming cages.

The net cleaner operates with a flow and pressure range from 80bar/250lpm up to 290bar/700lpm.

It has neutral buoyancy and indifferent stability. When placed in water with the thrusters shut down, it neither sinks nor floats to the surface, and it has no tendency to right itself. This makes it very easy to manoeuvre, as the machine offers no resistance to the operators input. As net cleaning has become an almost continuous task during the summer months, efficient and easy to use equipment is essential. Wear and tear are also a concern. It simply slides along the walls of the cage while the waterjets from five powerful rotating nozzles flushes algae and other forms of fouling from the nets. The outer discs are designed to get into all the hard-to-reach places of a cage as in corners.

Take a look at our newest Manta film (english version).

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Mainstay Manta
Length1 873mm
Width2 640mm
Cleaning width2 600mm
Drive system5 electrical thursters
Electrical supply25KVA 400V, 50Hz 6KVA, 230V, 50Hz
Sensors4 cameras (360-degree)
Dept rating50 meters
Pressure cleaning60-300 bar
Flow range300-700 liter per minute